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  PRIMCHIT - A new product from Primchim !

"PRIMCHIT" is an excellent adhesive for the most different materials. Unlike all the known epoxy resins, the compound of PRIMCHIT is an ideal restoration and/or substitution tool (material), one of the finest quality and very resistant, which can be quickly and easy handled or used for quick form shaping and mastering. After solidification it doesn't shrink and can be mechanically finished. It's a weatherproofing material and it can resist up to 150°C.

Package presentation*

100g Boxes (aprox. 60 ml.)

Shipment Costs not included!

*We can supply our product in different package and quantity, by request.

Universal Use - Here are just a few examples

  • Cars repairing (automobiles and mechanic tools): the bodywork of cars, the swiftbars, the exhaust system; it's a good electric isolator (it has superior isolating characteristics than Bakelite), etc

  • Industrial and construction: coating and repairing works, wood lath, boards and panels, windowsills, ornaments, synthetic materials, PAL, faience and pottery, brick, concrete, ornamental stone;
  • It can bond together the most different materials, like glass, metal, plastics, wood, rubber, ceramics, etc;
  • For restoration works - it can be used as an adhesive and gaps filler at the same time or for substituting/replacing the missing part of broken objects of china, earthenware, metal or wood (for instance, antique objects and furniture);
  • It successfully replace the fixes with nails and screws;

  • To protect metallic surfaces exposed to strong corrosive actions;
  • Model and matrix executions for different appliances;
  • Weatherproofing, and (after solidification) easy of post processing and finishing.
Use Instructions

The surfaces where PRIMCHIT will be applied must be dry and cleaned out of dust and rust. The glass or other glossy surfaces will be cleaned out of greasy and dust with alcohol.

On a flat clean surface, mix up equally the two components with a knife until you obtain a single colored (homogen) mixture (this homogeneity will affect the final resistance of the solution). Now you can apply the mixture where you need it to, and wash your hands with soap and water. The compound will solidify between 1 and 6 hours (depending on the temperature). It will reach the top resistance (its hardness) in 24 hours.

Healthy Warning !

PRIMCHIT contains epoxy resin and polyamide. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Although, the product does not irritate in contact with skin, symptoms of irritations could appear to allergic people. Avoid contact with skin. Wash the contact zone with water and soap; if there are any irritation symptoms after that, consult your medic. After solidification, the mixture is harmless.