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  Prim Mastic Auto - A Successful Product !


  • A permanently elastic mastic with excellent adherence on most different kinds of materials;
  • Weatherproofing material: resistant to temperatures between -30°C and +150°C, salty water, solar radiation, and its guaranteed for 10 years;
  • Has excellent characteristics for luting, binding, sealing and isolating works and application;
  • Nontoxic and chemically neutral;
  • It is very useful because its durability, easy of use and small price;
  • For its special characteristics and quality MASTIC AUTO beats any competition for industrial or house maintenance use.

Package Presentation*


  • Boxes of 450g ±5%

PRIM - Sealing Tape

  • 3 m Tape (aprox. 200g)
Shipment Costs Not Included !

IMPORTANT! We can supply our product in different package and quantity, by request.

Universal Use - Here are just a few examples

  • It is an excellent body cement for mounting/fitting the auto/moto/velo bodywork - preventing the rust;
  • It can be used as mastic (lute) or as paint (coating solution) with excellent rust-resisting properties and shock-absorber (for instance, the flock-spraying of a car)

  • Sealing the windows and doors (it is a dust seal, membrane waterproofing and sound reduction in the same time);
  • Sealing the gaps from ductworks or for pipe coating;
  • Extremely useful in industrial activities, constructions, mechanical activities;
  • You can use it as a cable compound for antennas and satellite systems (SAT) or for protection of electric cords, communication cables and other connections;
  • Preventing the oxidation/corrosion of the battery lugs.
Use Instructions


Sealing Tape : You cut the sealing tape after your needs and apply it on the clean and dry object, with the covering foil up-sided. You don't have to remove the foil except when you are using the sealing tape for assembling the parts of a car body.

Sealing-Coating Paint : MASTIC AUTO can be used as an excellent sealing and coating paint for protection against rust and corrosion of the bottom bodywork of cars and other metallic structures. To prepare the paint you mix the Mastic Auto Tape with a Nitro Diluent (duco), in a 1/4 proportion (1 part of mastic and 4 parts of diluent) in a proper recipient, to obtain an omogen mixture. The resulted paint will have an excellent adherence, it will be weatherproofing and very resistant to direct hits and shocks. Prepare the mixture with caution, respecting the fire prevention instructions.